Vom 25.11. bis zum 28.11. ist Black Friday 

An diesen Tagen gibt es besondere Angebote für die Wintersaison 2022/23

Holidays have never been so multi-faceted, so wonderfully relaxed and so real.

Your Alpenresort holiday apartment in Ladis.

Mountains, mountains, mountains. And that is by no means all. Here, at over 1,189 metres above sea level, the alpine roses seem to smell of home, the sun is the first to greet you and the snow lingers a little longer. Because it's just so nice here with us. It is here, in Ladis, the home of our Alpenresorts, that the best stories begin, the highest peaks are conquered and the cable cars take you floating towards holiday heaven. Only a few metres away, families reach lofty heights, embrace completely new ideas and move closer together. Discover the most beautiful corners and the great magic in the little things. Hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoe hiking - do whatever you like. The most important thing is that you have a happy time with the whole family in our Alpenresort Ladis.

Your hosts, the Röck family

We give your holiday dreams a home.

Enjoy the freedom, cosiness and independence that you feel in a private holiday home with the luxury, comfort and entertainment options that an exclusive apartment complex offers. A place of retreat to escape everyday life and a meeting place at the same time. With bathrobe breakfast, relaxed wellness moments and a whole big world for the little ones.


Direct booking is the magic word.

Granted, we can't work magic. But we can offer you the best deals, give you the sweetest treats and make your most beautiful holiday dreams come true. And that's at least as good as magic, we think...

Here with us the whole year is summer, 365 days are winter and every minute is precious.

In every direction, on every valley level, in all 4 seasons. Ladis is always worth a break: Come and fall in love with our spring, when the apple trees compete with the white mountain tops. Visit us in summer, when not only a jump into the cold water will make your heart skip a beat faster. Arrive at the right moment when Ladis unpacks its most beautiful colourful dress in autumn and be there when every thrust of the pole on powder-fresh slopes releases real enthusiasm. 


Discover the colourful side of our winter.

Just a ski length, a cable car ride, a few steps away to where a true winter paradise opens up here in Ladis. Sometimes on powder-fresh slopes, sometimes without skis - just you and nature. Sometimes on runners on ice and snow, sometimes wrapped up warm in a prime location on the sun terrace. No winter has ever been so colourful.

To the Winter


Pick the most beautiful summer memories.

Just like from a picture book, only more real. Our summer is overflowing with memories. On majestic mountain ranges, hidden lakes and splendidly colourful landscapes at dizzying heights. On a walk through charming villages, farms and mountain pastures adorned with flowers. A wonderful hiking region filled with experiences is waiting to be discovered at the heartbeat of nature.

To the Sommer

Five stopovers, one arrival.

You'll find us in Ladis. All five. In the Tyrolean Oberland, on the sunny side, directly on the mountain. Accessible via a breathtaking high alpine road to one of the sunniest high plateaus in the Alps. High above the valley floor at over 1,189 metres. And the journey alone could fill a photo album. Enjoy it and travel safely!

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