Vom 25.11. bis zum 28.11. ist Black Friday 

An diesen Tagen gibt es besondere Angebote für die Wintersaison 2022/23

Slide, jump, play, splash and put your feet up.

Perfectly equipped for your active holiday in Tyrol.

What to do with your time, serenity and energy when the holiday to-do list is free today? Head to Laudeggpark! For sporty types and for those who love the sun on their bellies! Just around the corner, right outside your front door. In our Laudegghof.

Today in Laudeggpark.

A playground with climbing tower, trampoline, swing, slide and football field. There are plenty of opportunities to push yourself to the limits, have a good time and enjoy yourself wherever you look. Or you let yourself drift, by the water, the clouds and the wind. Listen to the twittering of birds and experience how easy it is to discover that wonderful feeling that makes you smile with such delightful relaxation. 

In the exclusive jacuzzi, the sunbathing lawn with guaranteed panoramic views and comfortable, suspended recliners. Only flying is better. And your holiday at the Alpenresorts Ladis.

  • Climbing tower
  • Trampoline
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Football field
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sunbathing lawn
  • Hanging chair