Vom 25.11. bis zum 28.11. ist Black Friday 

An diesen Tagen gibt es besondere Angebote für die Wintersaison 2022/23

We make families happy.

So your family holiday will be here with us in Serfaus Fiss Ladis.

We're not just saying that, we also mean it. And the multi-award winning family holiday resort of Serfaus Fiss Ladis is virtually predestined for it. Adventure mountains, explorer and witch trails and children's hiking trails - all alone, on mum's shoulders or with prams.

Together over stick, stone and towards the sky.

If you feel really comfortable on our hiking trails, then why not head out and experience the golden men, mines, pirate ships, still and not so still waters. With Murmli and Berta. With or without a pram and always with a reason to shine and laugh. Or would you prefer something with a little more zest? Then take a place in the Fisser Flieger, the Skyswing or the Fisser Flitzer.

This is where you will be in free fall towards the ground or at full pelt until you are almost above the clouds. Where freedom seems boundless and families have the best time. Being young at heart, discovering the passion for mountains and nature in a playful manner and spending time with the whole family - this is something that is especially close to our hearts and is child's play with us.